Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Day 37

At 2:08 this morning, Dietmar, Annegret and I woke up. We left the house by 2:30am, and I fell asleep shortly thereafter in the car. We drove for three hours to Bielefeld and made great time. Once I finally woke up, they were showing me all the scenery. We arrived in Bielefeld for an early breakfast with Jens, Doreen, and Mathilda. Then Jens, Doreen, and I left shortly after for Amsterdam.

I played my iPad music in the car because Doreen was interested in hearing my music. I eventually dozed off, and when I woke up, we were just outside of Amsterdam. We parked at place, where for only 8€, we were able to park for the day and all receive tickets for the metro into and out of the city.

Amsterdam was an interesting city...where should I start. Well first off it was raining, and the city was dirtier than New York. Nevertheless, the city and the buildings were beautiful. There were canals next to most of the streets, and they made for a picture perfect atmosphere. We ended up walking through the streets for most of the day, and eventually the rain cleared up. We went in a specialty cheese shop. I saw Anne Frank's house. And I watched the people/tourists of Amsterdam. We also ate. I had a pretty amazing piece of apple pie, that I enjoyed as I sat by a canal. We eventually tired out, so we left and headed back to Bielefield. On the way out, we drove to the DENSO building in Weesp, where I will be coming  on Monday for an 11:30AM interview! :)