Berlin, Germany

Day 34

After breakfast and goodbyes to Mathilda, I headed off to the train station with Jens. When we got there, we found out that the fast train I was going to take was not working. So I spent the next four hours hopping trains to get to Berlin. When I finally got to Berlin, I went to a museum, walked through the city, and ate a brautwurst. I walked mostly through the part of Berlin my family had walked through last time we were in Germany. It was cool to see it two years later.

At 4:00 I met up with Josephine and her mom. After a little bit of confusion, we found eachother. Then we drove to her house where I met her dad, brother, and grandmother. We ate dinner and had a great time. Josephine's dad showed me their house. He is a really cool guy, and he is a photographer. He showed me their framed spreads from all their vacations. Then I saw the son's Lego set and stamp collection. Then around 7:00pm, the grandmother and I embarked on our two hour drive to Wittenberg. The scenery along the way was absolutely stunning as I watched the sun set. Once in Wittenberg, memories started coming back, and I knew exactly where I was and which house was Annegret's. We walked for a bit before biding Anneliese farewell and playing two rounds of Mühle before bed.