Berlin, Germany (Round Two

Day 40

After breakfast and a game of Mühle, Dietmar, Annegret and I left for Berlin. We took the train, and arrived in Potsdamer Platz. We looked at the Sony Center and where the Berlin Wall used to be before leaving to go see a museum in another part of the city. The museum was right outside of a train station, and after WW2, the building was used as an intake building where the people from the east had to go through before being able to take a train to the west. The museum was cool, and I learned more about how the wall fell in '89.

After the museum, we ate at a local restaurant were we had Flammkuchen, a thin pizza with sour creme and bacon. Then we headed towards the Brandenburg Gate and saw Hotel Adlon. We then made our way towards the government buildings before heading to the shopping district. We went to KaDeWe, a really expensive/exclusive mall where all the major designer stores were. We went to the top floor of the mall, where there was an American products section. There you could buy American products for a premium price. For example, a small jar of peanut butter, which is not a normal product in Germany, is 5€, which is around $8. In this section, we found root beer, Doreen's favorite drink/birthday present her parents get her every year. When we were finished, we headed back to the train station, shopped a little, then caught a train back to Wittenberg. Then back at the house, we ended the day with a Mühle battle. Last day tomorrow...bittersweet.