Budapest, Hungary

Day 1

For the past 24 hours I have been in an airplane or an airport. My bag was confiscated twice, and in Frankfurt, the security guy told me that I packed more liquids than most girls. I barely slept at all on the overnight flight to Frankfurt, but I discovered "Scandal" on the plane, which turned out to be a pretty decent TV show. Our flight arrived in Frankfurt late, so we missed our connection and the Frankfurt airport had no Wi-Fi. We finally figured out which flight we were moved to (after much confusion) and it left 8 hours later.

o most of day one was spent wishing I was asleep (because we were not allowed to sleep until we got to the youth hostel), sitting around, walking through airports, and eating. Sara and I haven't killed each other yet, and I am making new friends! :) The Bearden kids are cool and weird (in a good way), and I am looking forward to getting to know them more. I cannot wait to go to sleep at the youth hostel in Budapest.


Day 2

This morning I walked around Pest and ate at a coffee shop for breakfast. Then, as a group, we went to Buda and hiked up a mountain to see an overlook of Budapest. It was stunningly beautiful. Also, not surprisingly, Sara stubbed her toe on the way up the mountain and ripped off her toenail. Then we hiked down the mountain and went back to Pest (Buda and Pest are separated by the Danube river).

Sara and I separated from the group and walked around the historic district of the city. We went to an Irish pub for lunch and talked for hours over food and drinks. Lunch had to be the highlight of my day because I was sitting halfway around the world from home with my best friend, talking over drinks in a pub with the sunlight coming in through the large glass windows. After lunch, we went shopping in search of a pair of shoes for Sara—we found a sweet pair of wedges. Following  dinner and coffee at a cafe on the Danube river, we headed back to the hostel to meet up with our group and watch Crazy Stupid Love on the big screen.