Empoli, Italy

Day 8

I slept in this morning and packed my bag after waking up. We toured Verona for a little bit more. Then we left for the train station to head to Tuscany. We had to switch to a different hotel because the hostel had over booked. We rode on three different trains, so it was a long travel day. When we arrived at our final destination there were two cars and two vans waiting to pick us up an take us to the villa we are staying at. The ride to the villa was a ride I will never forget. The driver was really cool and played a sound track in the car as we rode through the windy mountain roads of Tuscany. Beautiful instrumentals that paralleled the breathtaking sunset and endless views of vineyards. I cannot put into words how life changing the pure beauty of this place is. The driver put it best when he said that this area calms most people and relaxes them from their hectic lives. We soon arrived at a beautiful villa on the mountainside, overlooking the cities below. The view was incredible. We ate a gourmet pasta dinner and are now sitting outside enjoying the music and fellowship. Tomorrow I get to choose whether or not to stay at the villa or go into Florence. I think I have decided to stay here and enjoy the living art that I found on a mountainside in Tuscany. I am so glad the other place overbooked us. 


Day 9

Day two in Tuscany was my favorite day so far. I woke up and went and sat by the pool (in the shade) all day. I got in a few times, and the water was absolutely refreshing. There was also a cherry tree, from which I picked and ate fresh cherries. Lunch and dinner at the villa was also amazing, each meal I had a different combination of pastas that blew me away. The scenery was breathtaking and ever changing throughout the day. I am so glad I chose to stay at the villa instead of going into Florence.