Florence & Venice

Day 10

This morning I woke up to one last breakfast in paradise and then left to the train station. We arrived at the train station a little later than expected, so when we got to Florence, we had a three hour layover. In that time, Sara and I saw a church, shopped, and walked through the streets of Florence. Eventually we arrived in Venice (way later than expected), so we only had two hours to see the city on the water before heading back to the hotel. Venice was, nevertheless, interesting. The feel of the city was really nice, the food was decent, and I bought cool presents. I did not ride in a gondola, however. The ride was too expensive. The day in its entirety was rather hot, and by the end of it, I had sweat through all my clothes. And when I got back to the hotel, I led a workout before taking a shower. Now I just hope I can go to sleep because the room is really hot.