Ljubljana, Slovenia

Day 13

Today was just as hot as yesterday, if not hotter. Plus, we spent the day on busses and trains that did not have any AC as we made our way to Slovenia. It was somewhat miserable because of the extreme humidity. Once we arrived in Slovenia, we walked to the hostel and checked in. After that, I had some amazing homemade ice cream from a little stand before walking around the city. Then for dinner, I had fried cod and potato salad. It was sooo good. Sara and I went to a jazz music festival in the park downtown before going back to the hostel for bed.


Day 14

Only three days left with Sara! I woke up and worked out before taking a shower and heading out for breakfast. For breakfast I had a delicious vegetable omelet and pancakes with Nutella at a restaurant right on the river that ran through the middle of Ljubljana. Sara and I then walked around the town's market before meeting up with the group for our tour. On our tour, we saw a castle that was built into a mountain, as well as one of the world's biggest caves. Both sights were amazing, and I took lots of pictures. When we finally got back, I ate dinner and another round of Nutella and pancakes. Then I toped off my night with a mango sorbet. Tomorrow we are waking up early for a long day of travel to Vienna, Austria.