Rijeka, Croatia

Day 11

A free continental breakfast was the perfect way to start the day. The group left shortly after to get on a train. The train ride went smoothly, and upon our arrival at the station, we ate lunch before catching a bus to Croatia. We went through border patrol and had our passports stamped. Soon after, we were engulfed by beautiful scenery of the Adriatic Sea as we rode along the mountain side. Once we settled into our hostel, we left to go do laundry at the mall. The walk to the mall was horrendously hot. I felt like I needed to wash the clothes I was wearing because I was sweating so much. The washing venture lasted for a good five hours, seeing as our group washed eight loads in two washers and one dryer. After we finished, Sara and I left for the market in downtown Rijeka. Tonight there is a soccer game, Croatia vs. Ireland. So, as we walked through the streets downtown, Sara and I followed the crowds of local people to a pier. At the pier, there was a huge screen where everyone was watching the soccer game. It was a pretty surreal experience, watching the game with hundreds of Croatians on a pier. Then on our way back to the hostel, Sara and I stopped for some fries, pizza, and a delicious chocolate muffin. I'm gonna work out soon, then take a shower. Again I find myself hoping that I can go to bed in this hot hostel.


Day 12

Today was a rather relaxing day. I woke up, ate breakfast, went to the store to buy water and a snack, and then made my way to the beach. The shorelines of the beaches here are incredibly small, and they don't have sand. They have pebbles. So I sat at the beach for two hours and got in the cold water. Next, I headed back to the hostel and basically sat around and relaxed for five hours. Eventually I made my way with all the guys to the mall for dinner. We ate at a restaurant called Food City, and I had an amazing chicken sandwich. So all in all, today was pretty chill.