Salzburg, Austria

Day 3

It’s a travel day! So, we woke up early, put on our green shirts, and got on a train headed to Salzburg. I slept most of the way, but it was a new experience for me, riding on a train. The train ride lasted five hours, and I ate lunch on the train. It was my first train meal, and I must say…much better than plane food.

After arriving in Salzburg, the group set off to find an ATM so that we could get euros. The hotel we checked into was a nice change from the first hostel, and the surrounding restaurant selection wasn’t too bad. We ate as a group at a local restaurant for dinner. I ate half of a cooked chicken and Sara had schnitzel. For dessert we had homemade apple streusel, which was soooo goooood.

Then we went bowling at the alley across the street from the hotel. At the bowling alley, we rented bowling shoes, of course, and they didn’t have Sara’s size, so she got size 13’s and slipped her TOMs into them. I just worked out in my room and showered. Now I am getting ready for bed. Goodnight!


Day 4

Today I woke up and went with Sara to a local Aldi to buy yoghurt and muffins for breakfast. After breakfast, Sara and I hiked up the mountain behind our hotel to see an incredible view of Salzburg. Afterwards, we met up with some friends for lunch at McDonald’s. To my surprise, the McDonald’s in Austria was pleasantly different from the typical American McDonald's. Next we left our hotel on a bus for a three hour Sound of Music Tour. On the tour we saw where many of the scenes from the movie were taped in addition to incredible views of the Alps. When we finished the tour, we walked through the gardens in which the cast sang "Doe a Dear." It was really pretty and was followed by a nice dinner at a beer garden. I had spinach dumplings, and they were pretty decent. Now I am watching the Euro Cup after working out and taking a shower). Tomorrow is Italy, and I cannot wait.