Sontheim, Germany

Day 22

After breakfast, Anette and I made our way to the train station. We said our goodbyes on the platform, and I waved goodbye as my train left for Memmingen. It was a bittersweet farewell.

My train ride to Memmingen was short, and when I arrived, Roland, my cousin, and his girlfriend were waiting for me at the station. We then drove to Sontheim where I met Rolands family over Kasespetziela (cheese noodles) for lunch. Then I got to call home and talk to mom for a little bit. Afterwards, my day with Roland began.

I rode bicycles throughout the whole city with Roland and saw his favorite fishing spots, where he plays soccer, where his mom works, where the school was, and much more. Sontheim reminds me of my hometown because it is a small town surrounded by big fields. Around mid-afternoon, we went to a lake where many people were enjoying the refreshing water and warm weather. Roland and I swam in the water and skipped rocks. We then came home and helped clean the bird cages and feed the pigeons. We also set the birds free to fly, and then I got to help call them back in to their cage. For dinner we had meat and bread. Afterwards we sat around the table talking. It was a beautiful evening, and the family here reminds me of my close family in Tennessee. 


Day 23

What a long day. I woke up at 8:00 after a late night and ate breakfast with the family. Then after breakfast, Roland, his girlfriend, and I went into Memmingen. We looked around downtown and saw the market place and where Roland's sister works. While in Memmingen, I bought shoes and ate ice cream. Then Roland took me to a t-shirt shop and bought me a shirt as a present from his mom. Then we drove back to Roland's for lunch, which was followed by three hours on the beach.

Today was very warm, so the beach and refreshing water was a nice touch. Afterwords we tended to the pigeons and went to a pigeon owner gathering. At this gathering, the pigeons were scanned then sent off to be released, with the hope that they come back home the next day. 

Next, I came back to the house to workout while my cousins shoveled hay. After my shower we left for a party. We walked the whole way, and when we got there, we ordered beers and fish. The fish was fresh and very good. But as we were eating, a storm rolled in. So we ate and drank everything quickly and ran back home to avoid the storm. Back at the house, we sat at a table around some candles outside talking. Well, they were doing most of the talking, and I was listening. And eventually we broke off for bed...


Day 24

Waking up in Germany is an experience all it's own. They have window security shades that make the room completely black. So when I woke up this morning, my body felt like it was still night outside. Consequently, it takes me longer to wake up here. But once I finally woke up, I ate bacon and eggs for breakfast, along with a PB&J and a PB and Nutella brotchen.

Afterwords I went on a bike ride with Roland around Sontheim. The scenery was beautiful to say the least. Then we came home for lunch with a reverend. Throughout the rest of the day, the pigeons that were collected at the meeting yesterday and set off after lunch, came home one by one. While we were all watching the pigeons, I caught up on the computer with email and such. After I was finished with the computer, I helped feed the rabbits.

Next, we went to another pigeon meeting where we turned in all the data collected from the landings throughout the day. We left the meeting for dinner, meat salad. Dinner tasted so good. Then we ended the day with card games, watching soccer, and saying goodbyes.