Stuttgart, Germany

Day 17

I woke up this morning, packed up my belongings, and left my room at the hostel. I told everyone goodbye before meeting up with Sara for breakfast. Then after telling her bye, I headed off to the train station to begin my eight hour train day. Everything on the train went smoothly, besides the heat and the sweat. I basically dozed in and out of sleep the whole ride.

I was met by Anette at the train station, and she took me to her house. There we ate cake, drank coffee, grilled steak, ate dinner, watched a Michael Jackson tribute, watched a soccer game, and spoke lots of German. Anette lives in an awesome apartment on a small river, which added to the relaxing evening. Tonight I'm catching up on sleep - no wifi and no alarm clock.


Day 18

Lazy day today! Anette had to work today, so I am home alone. I woke up at 10am and made myself a cappuccino with breakfast before getting on the computer to check my email. After I got off the computer, I worked out for an hour, took a shower, shaved my face, and then made an awesome lunch. I had a sandwich, grilled kabob, potato salad and cole slaw. I topped lunch off with a nap. I awoke when Anette came home, and we left to go into the small city near her apartment. We walked through the parks and old streets, before finding the Mexican restaurant where we ate dinner. The food was soooooo good, and the atmosphere of the whole evening was laid back. When we got back home, we watched some German TV and news before heading off to bed.


Day 19

I skipped my journal today. Don't judge... Quick re-cap though, Anette took me on a tour of a Mercedes plant and then we spent some time walking around the parks in Stuttgart.


Day 20 

Breakfast with Anette, Corinna and Ellen this morning was quite a treat. Ellen is Anette's sister, and Corinna is Ellen's daughter. And all are dear family friends. Afterwards we drove to the train station and took a train to Stuttgart. In Stuttgart we shopped and did a city tour. I got to ride a miniature train, walk through parks, play on a water playground, go to the top of a tv tower, and eat a huge bowl spaghetti ice cream. We also walked through Anette's new apartment, which is still being built. Eventually we came back to Anette's for a cat nap before heading out to a late dinner. I had the first burger of this trip at dinner, and I was not let down. We enjoyed the night watching the soccer game as we ate. Then we drove back home and crashed.


Day 21

We slept in and had a late breakfast before heading into town. We met Anette's friend Sebastian on the train, and I went with him to one of his classes at the University of Stuttgart while the girls shopped. The class was rather interesting because students were giving presentations about video surveillance and augmented realities, analyzing the political and social implications that the topic has on the present and the future. After class, Sebastian showed me around campus and we eventually met back up with Anette and the gang to shop some more. I finally found a pair of black dress shoes that I liked, so I had to buy them. Then Sebastian headed on to his next class while we ate a Döner (Döner macht schöner), a delicious German sandwich. While eating, we saw kids drinking, listening to music and hanging out before the Euro Cup game that was happening tonight. As we walked back to the train station, the whole city was wearing German colors and jerseys. Back at the apartment, Corinna and I had a bonding moment over Facebook pictures and talking about our lives. Then we all ate dinner while watching the soccer game. When the game was finally over, Corinna and Ellen said their goodbyes and drove back to their home in Mainz. Now I'm finishing up packing and going to bed. Tomorrow I travel to Roland's.