Verona & Milan, Italy

Day 5

So today we basically rode a train from Salzburg to Verona. The train cabin we sat in reminded me of Harry Potter. The ride through the alps was absolutely stunning, even though it was raining. We sat next to some Germans, so I flexed my German language knowledge and conversed with them. We finally got to our residence house after a log day of travel, and then went to dinner at a local pizza place. I had a pizza with fruit, eggs, tomatoes, peppers and cheese on it. Definitely way better than Pizza Hut. I wrapped up the day watching Cloverfield with my roommates in the absence of wi-fi. All in all, an enjoyable day. 


Day 6

We woke up for a day trip to Milan, a famous fashion city in Italy. We went by train from Verona, and arrived in time to eat lunch in Milan. Sara, Ben, and I walked around Milan for six hours and shopped. I bought a few presents!!! Then we ate dinner at a restaurant on the street and had the most amazing spaghetti I have ever tasted. It was a pasta with egg, ham, and Alfredo sauce. It was to die for! Then we got on the train back to Verona, and although it got delayed along the way, we saw a beautiful sunset in the Alps. Then I got back to my room and worked out before catching some Z'sss.

Day 7

When given the decision of going to an amusement park or staying and touring Verona, I chose to stay in Verona. And I had an awesome time. I had an almond crescent and some pizza for breakfast before embarking into the heart of the city. We first went to Juliet's balcony, which was eclectically stunning. I wrote on the wall and drew the sign language hand for I love you on a lock attached to a gate under the balcony. Then Sara and I walked the streets of Verona and shopped. I liked Verona better than Milan because there were more local stores. I bought a really cool hat and another pair of Camper shoes. Then we headed back to the apartment to do laundry and take a nap. After laundry, we went to a local grocery store to buy food for dinner. I made myself pesto tortellini. Now I'm getting ready to work out, take a shower, and get a long night of sleep.