Vienna, Austria

Day 15

Today was basically a long travel day. I woke up to leave the beautiful city streets of Slovenia for six hours of train rides. However, when I did get off the train in Vienna, it was nice to be met with a breeze and cooler weather. The hostel here is pretty nice, and after we checked in, Sara and I left to explore the shopping district in downtown Vienna. It was like a mini-NYC. People were everywhere. We bought a suitcase for all the stuff Sara had bought so that she could check it on her flight back. Then we at schnitzel for dinner before returning to the hostel. Back at the hostel we did laundry, watched a soccer game, and even worked out. I also decided today that I am not continuing on with the group to Budapest. I am going to try and meet up with Anette a day early, since Vienna is closer to Stuttgart than Budapest is. So, tomorrow is my last day on the trip with Sara and all my new friends from Bearden. It's bittersweet and crazy to think how fast my trip is going by.


Day 16

Waking up late was most needed, and the free breakfast at the hostel was a lovely touch to the morning. However it was raining. So we started our walking tour late, but we saw the Stephandom, Opernhaus, Schönbrun Palace and Gardens, and the Music Museum. The day was nice even though it drizzled. Eventually it cleared up, and Sara and I broke off from the group to shop for my interview at DENSO. We found everything I needed except for black shoes. We headed back to the hostel, did laundry, packed up, and ate dinner. Then all of us, except for the chaperones, left for the Danube River Music Festival. The night was incredible and one of the most memorable events of my whole trip. We got back to the hostel by 1:00, and the festival made it a great last day with the Bearden group. I am so glad I made new friends.