Weesp, The Netherlands

Day 39

Up at 5:00 AM, and out of the door by 5:50. Jens took me to the train station, and I said goodbye to him, because I won't see him until the next time I am in Germany. My train ride to Weesp was good, no delays. When I finally got to Weesp, I didn't know which way out of the train station I should go. After figuring it out, I started running. I only had 15 minutes to make it to the DENSO building from the train station. I had my backpack on, and it slowed me down because it was so heavy. At some point in my rampage to get to DENSO, I changed out of my tennis shoes and into my black dress shoes. I'm pretty sure I was running at one point with two different shoes on my feet. I arrived, tucking in my shirt and the back half of my tie (because it is too long and running had made me look a little rough), and I arrived three minutes early. Not my ideal arrival time, but it was not late.

As I was walking through the door, I was putting my blazer back on to hide the sweat on my button up shirt. Although the lobby was hot and I was sweating, I was relieved to have made it on time. The nice receptionist gave me my visitor badge, let me put my back pack behind the counter, and helped me learn how to pronounce the name of the guy who would be interviewing me. By the time my interviewer came out to the lobby to get me, I had controlled my sweating to the point where it wasn't dripping down my face. He led me into a small conference room, where my resume was sitting on the table. The interview itself, was not really an interview. It was more of, "wow this is impressive, and when can you start." So I have to say it went absolutely amazing.

After I was extended an offer, I was escorted to the lobby. As I was walking out of the office, I realized that I had seven minutes to catch my train. So I quickly changed back into my tennis shoes, took my jacket off, and started running. Until halfway down the first street, I had forgotten how good of a workout running was. I ran by shops and through neighborhoods. People looked at me like I was a crazy business man running down the street with my tie flapping around. Two blocks away from the station, my clock struck 12:52, the time my train left. I had missed it, and that threw off my whole train schedule.

So I caught the next train to the main station. Upon my arrival it was raining, and I found out that the next train to Hannover did not leave for another two hours. And I had to pee, but didn't have coins to pay for the toilette. So here I am, sitting in the cold at a train station with two layers of pants, two jackets, and a long sleeve shirt. And the day is only half way over. I have an eight hour train ride to Wittenberg, putting me there at 11:00 PM. So I figure that you can't win it all in life, and I'd rather have the job offer than the earlier train.

The train ride back went ok. Towards the end I panicked about a connection train, and the attendant on the train helped me out and got my connection train to wait for me. He is my savior because I am ready to get off this train and see Annegret.