Wittenberg, Germany

Day 35

I slept in this morning and had a delicious breakfast with Dietmar. Then the two of us rode the bicycles on a tour of Wittenberg. It was cool to re-live the sights of the city again with different weather. It rained on and off all day, so for lunch, we ate inside at an Italian restaurant. After lunch, we headed to the church where Dietmar has a job, and I helped him reset the church clock in the tower.

Then we met up with Annegret for strawberry cake, before leaving for a bike ride. We rode to the top of the tallest mountain (hill) in Wittenberg. We ate cherrie off cherry trees along the way, and at the top, we stopped and overlooked the whole area. I got to use Dietmar's binoculars. On the way back, we rode in the rain, racing to the house. At the house we warmed up, then ate an amazing dinner. We made a fresh salad with feta cheese and a ton of different vegetables and spices. We also had wurst, meat patties on bread with butter and cheese, hard boiled eggs, and a specialty strawberry beer from Berlin.

With plenty of sun left in the day after dinner, we drove to Berkau, the city were Oma grew up. Again, it was completely different without snow and freezing weather. It was breathtaking. The fields stretched for miles, and the sun's rays hit the rows of crops. It was nice to hear the stories Annegret told of the Nieman history. Then Dietmar let me drive his car back home. Back at the house, Annegret and I went on a walk, and Dietmar went to bed. We walked to the Elbe and back, then played Müle while eatig special cake only found during the Christmas season. Then we headed off to bed.


Day 36

Annegret and I had breakfast this morning outside on the patio while we listened to the rain. After breakfast, we drove to a sea and then to an old coal mining place that had become a sea. At this coal place, there was a music festival very similar to Bonaroo. It was cool to see the hundreds of tents and people, but because of the event, we could not see the old machinery from the coal mine. So we drove back home and ate lunch.

Dietmar and I quickly drove to his work so I could register for my GW classes. It took me two and a half hours to register, and I am still missing one class. My advisor and I will talk on Sunday more about fixing my schedule, but it all worked out great. While registering, I also confirmed my interview on Monday with DENSO Europe. Once I was done with registration, Dietmar and I drove back home to eat strawberry cake with Annegret. Afterwords, Annegret and I played our best game of Müle yet, and I won of course. Then I worked out, ate dinner. Now I'm going to bed, because we are waking up at 2:00 AM to drive to Bielefeld. Tomorrow I am going to Amsterdam with Doreen and Jens while Annegret and Dietmar stay with Mathilda.