Wittenberg, Germany (Round Two)

Day 41

I woke up this morning and worked out while packing before going down for breakfast. After breakfast, Dietmar and I went by bicycle to the newly renovated swim hall. Then we went to the supermarket so that I could buy some chocolates to bring home as gifts. We ate lunch at home, squash with duck and rice. Then after my call to America, Annegret came home with Doreen and Mathilda.

Shortly after cake, Doreen and I left to go buy a few more presents. When we came back, some relatives had stopped by. So we all took a walk to the Elbe. The weather was absolutely amazing. The sun was shining, wind was blowing, and it was warm. We threw rocks in the water and as they sunk, I started to realize that it was my last day with an amazing part of my family.

As we walked back, I realized how bitter sweet leaving is and how important the connection to my second home. Tomorrow is going to be a sad goodbye and a long awaited return. I cannot wait to be home, but I will always hold on to all that I have experienced and come to love. And I am so glad that we ended the last day playing Mühle and Qwirkle after dinner. I will miss Mühle with Annegret...until next year! Early morning and long day tomorrow...time for bed.