Davenport Gap

Today we hiked the last ten miles of the AT in the Great Smoky Mountains, heading North. The day trip was 12 miles total because we started from Cosby Campground on the Low Gap trail and had to hike two miles to get to the AT. The weather was not exactly on our side today. It was rainy, and at the higher elevations, the clouds were socked in around us.

The trip was not filled with panoramic views but was, however, full of wild flowers. Alongside the trail, we encountered at least ten different types of flowers - all subtle, yet beautiful. There were also some noteworthy waterfalls and stream crossings.

The adventure in today's trip spurred from our efforts to stay dry from the rain and avoid mud puddles. Hiking with my parents is always easy going, the conversation is lively, and the snacks keep on coming. Today's trail mix was my recipe, more salty than sweet, and it was delicious.

All in all, even though it rained, another great day in the Great Smoky Mountains.


Until next time,

Lo Main