The Falls at Tremont

Easy hike today, AND I have done it before. Today my mom and I are taking one of my friends on a quick 3 mile trails to a waterfall, starting at Tremont. Since it is such a quick hike, there is little need for extensive prep - just a few waters should do the trick.

We are starting our hike from the parking lot at Tremont and luckily the weather is not too hot.

Our pace is relaxed and the bugs are annoying. In fact, two have already flown into my eyes...I had to have my mom help me get them out.

We have arrived at the waterfalls, and we have it all to ourselves. Usually, this trail is packed with families, but we lucked out again and get to enjoy the uninterrupted peace of the forest and the waterfall.

Nothing crazy to report about our walk bugs in my eyes and the up and down hill grades were moderate. All in all, a great quick hike at Tremont.

Until the next hike,

Lo Main